Welcome to the 2018-19 Hunters Trial Season


52nd Annual Winners Trial
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2019-20 Schedule to come

Club Contacts




Columbia Game Club

   Chairman – Dennis Dimitrov: 216-272-1990  

   Reservations – Tim Reznik: 440-236-9131 


Crooked Creek

   Chairman – Bob Allen 216-316-1113

   Reservations – Tim Dailey 440-350-0805


Cuyahoga Coon Hunters

    Chairman – John Rizzo 440-338-6578

    Co-Chairman- Mark Belgin 440-454-1209

    Co-Chairman- Mickey Belgin 440-454-0179

    Reservations – John Rizzo 440-338-6578


Pinecrest Shooting Preserve

   Chairman – Dave Miller – 419-929-6601

   Reservations – Tim Reznik: 440-236-9131  


R & G Ventures

   Chairman –  John Rizzo 440-338-6578

   Reservations – John Rizzo 440-338-6578


South Cuyahoga Sportsmen's Association

   Co-Chairman – Mike Kristof 216-663-6427

                              John Kelly 440-390-6173

   Reservations – Mike Kristof  216-663-6427

   Club Contact Number (Day of Trial) – 216-570-6526


Silver Dollar

   Co-Chairman – Bill Keplar  330-464-5416

                              Ron Burkey 330-988-3987

   Reservations – Howard Shanklin 330-464-7462



Important Information

  • Reservations must be made by 9:00 p.m. the THURSDAY before the trial
  • Cancelations must be made prior to club ordering birds
  • Please show up at least 1 hour before your scheduled run time
  • No runs will be guaranteed after 2:00 p.m.
  • Hunter orange REQUIRED during ALL runs!!!
  • Most clubs and all shooting preserves require CURRENT hunting license
  • Memorial trials have “Dog of the Day” and “Senior Class” (dogs 9 years or older) awards




  • 15.00 - 2 Pigeons puppies only (Availability )
  • 25.00 - 2 Chukars
  • 35.00 – 2 Hungarian Partridge
  • 35.00 - 2 Pheasants or 3 Chuckers

   Bird Information available when you reserve your run

- A Tradition to Honor and Preserve -
Imagine yourself out with a friend on a day's hunt with your dog. A more desirable dog might be one that requires little or no commands, stays in range, and puts birds in the game bag. A less desirable dog might not obey, runs off, and hunts on its own, or lose (not retrieve) dropped birds. Remember this is a hunter's trial. Most hunters make one pass through an area, and would not consider recovering the same area. A bird missed on the first pass should should score considerably less if found on the second or third pass. You would be courteous to other hunters. You and your friend would of course, handle guns with respect, and in a safe manner.


Memorial / Honor Trials will have “Dogs of the Day” awarded, as well as the “Senior Dog” class for dogs 9 years and older (with same judging guidelines as Gun Dog class), and will include up to 4 placements.
The Senior Class will be run at the Winners Trial this season.

Classes: Puppy = Less than or equal to 15 months of age, Derby = 15 months and 1 day to 30  months of age,  Gun Dog(formerly known as Open Class) = 30 months and 1 day or older,  All Age,   Senior = 9 years+
*Click this link to a handy calculator that will help you figure out the exact age!

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A Facebook page has been created for comments, suggestions, and last minute updates.
I hope that this page will allow anyone who wants, to make an announcement, ask a question, answer a question, or make a comment. Please refrain from foul language, or nasty personal comments that may be deemed as improper sportsmanship!

Click here to download a pdf of the 2018-19 Schedule

Judging Guidelines, and Rules:

Click Here for Rules and Judging guidelines for the 2018-19 season (there were no changes from last season)


Silver Dollar (formerly Wayne Coon Hunters)
4990 Secrest Rd.
Wooster, OH
South Cuyahoga Sportsman Association
5370 Erhart Rd.
Chatham, OH

Columbia Game Club
237 US 224
Sullivan, OH

Crooked Creek Conservation Club
4323 State Route 534
Hartsgrove, OH

Slideshow from the 2-13-11 Gus Ferencak memorial trial at Columbia Game Club Photos courtesy of Lynn Taylor
Slideshow from the 1-16-11 S C S A  George Sullivan memorial trial
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